Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The I.P.E. Coffee Bar (Interactive, Portable, Extenable)

The interactive, portable and extenable Coffee Bar is a coffee bar which is designed to create a unique coffee break experience. Its features are:-

Thermo chromic plastic which reacts to heat allowing you to leave your hand print apon the structure making you to interact with the space around you.

The Inner clear structure extends out with a metal pulley system which is operated by hand.

The coffee bar is also portable allowing it to be transported all around the country.

The I.P.E. Coffee Bar (Interactive, Portable, Extenable)

Top level - A bookable function room e.g meeting room, romantic date etc
Bottom level - Coffe bar open to the public where the 2 walls are able to be opened to allow
for more space if desired.